Charleston White Draws Gun On Interviewer

Charleston White’s interviews are notoriously controversial. His antics reached new heights during his interview with DJ U Go Crazy of Chicago. Throughout the discussion, White continued to disparage deceased Chicago rappers King Von and FBG Duck. Things took an unexpected turn when DJ U interjected to question White’s unfiltered remarks on the dead artists.

But the Youtube comedian wasn’t pleased. White pulled a gun on the host while asking for his money back. “B*tch, give me back the money then, h*e, Charleston yelled. “I ain’t have to help not one of you. My momma ain’t gotta bunch of kids that died. B*tch, I hope y’all h*es bury y’all babies. F**k y’all pain, b*tch. Give me back my godd*amn money, h*e. Or suck my d*ck b*tch.”

As for host DJ U, he shared in an Instagram video that he gave White the benefit of the doubt before stepping in to defend his city. “I represent CHICAGO any and everywhere I go,” the DJ shared. I was giving this goof a** old man the benefit of the doubt cause he claim to be when saying some of the disrespectful sh*t he be saying. But where I’m from, once you up on a motherf**ker, you gotta use it.”

Charleston recently made headline for his public beef with T.I. and son King. White responded to Tip’s recent diss about him, on a track with Memphis rapper Jucee Froot titled, “Step.” I wanna be in the remix,” he said according to Hip Hop DX.

“Put me in the video — you can’t just make a song about me and not put me in the video. And you ain’t rap that good since I brought you back out. You a has been now. Never was, used to be’s, and has beens.” Check out Charleston White’s clapback diss below.