Meek Mill Refers To Thanksgiving As A “Fake” Holiday

Meek Mill asserts that Thanksgiving is a “fake” holiday and that “the pilgrims murdered the Indians.” In a series of tweets, he justified the remark after receiving criticism for it.

“Thanksgiving fake,” Meek began in a tweet. “The pilgrims murdered the Native Americans, as I recall from my elementary school textbooks, and I now have Indian pals.”

Later, Meek shared a link to YelloPain’s “Happy Thanksgiving” music video.

“This what I was trying to say about thanksgiving,” he told one user. “I was just with some people from London, they don’t even celebrate that shit lol I never thought about if they did either.”

“Why you so passionate about my thoughts… you get any money this week?” Meek wrote after receiving backlash, before adding, “Are you eating off your education. Who are you and why you on my dick like this? lol I be crushing this life. Chill bro, I feed families trees you not on my level…”

While he may not be a fan of the historical background of the holiday, Meek has celebrated the event with “Dreamchasers Thanksgiving” drives in years past. He also mentioned that he will still be meeting up with his family this year.

Meek’s Thanksgiving comments come following his release of the Flamerz 5 mixtape on Monday. On the tape, Meek raps over some of the biggest hits of the year, including GloRilla’s “Tomorrow,” DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID” as well as Ice Spice’s “Munch (Feelin’ U).”

Meek has also said that he plans to release a new album in the beginning of 2023.

Check out Meek Mill’s recent tweets regarding Thanksgiving below.