Megan Thee Stallion Makes Forbes’ “30 Under 30” List

Megan Thee Stallion Makes Forbes’ “30 Under 30” List

Megan Thee Stallion has been breaking through limits since she first appeared. Earlier this week, the Houston rapper made history by becoming the first Black woman to cover Forbes’ “30 Under 30” issue. Megan discussed the achievement in the groundbreaking cover article. “It’s incredibly difficult to be the first something in 2022,” Megan exclaimed.

“I want to be bigger than just my music. I want people to know Megan as everything that she ever wanted to be. Megan, the artist. I feel like I’ve always like to dibble and dab in a lot of different things and I feel like I got that from my mom and my dad.”

Megan also spoke to the publication about her hefty $13 million a year income — thanks to music, ticket sales and endorsements. I can’t slow down right now,” the 27-year old shared. “I’ll take a break when I’m dead. I’m trying to really build something.When I start sitting, I feel like I’m not doing enough or I’m giving somebody else the opportunity to pass me.”

She went on to speak about the importance of saving money in the music business. “I still haven’t made a stupid, crazy purchase. My jewelry is expensive, and my house was expensive, outside of that, I’m not buying 100 cars. Learn how to make your money work for you.” Megan also landed in the publications prestigious list back in 2019.

Major brand endorsement deals with Nike, Cheetos, Popeyes, Cash App and Revlon have added to Megan’s lucrative success in recent years. Megans’s famous friends penned messages about the Hot Girl in her Forbes cover article. “She’s so empowering and so sexy. She’s mega-million Megan,” Cardi B shared.

Frito Lay Marketing executive Stacy Taffet also shared a quote about the star. “Our Super Bowl campaign with her outperformed a lot of what we’ve done in the past and exceeded all our expectations.”