Ohgeesy Fight Resulted In Gunshots

Ohgeesy Fight Resulted In Gunshots

Over the weekend, OhGeesy was involved in an altercation that resulted in shots being fired. A video of the Shoreline Mafia member getting into a heated brawl went viral. As shown in the video. OhGeesy is dressed all in white as he slips to the ground in the melee. @NewWestCoastTV1 got the viral footage before fleeing the scene when gunshots were heard.

No word on what caused the altercation — however, the rapper seemingly came out unscathed. On Sunday, he hopped on Twitter to honor his 29th birthday. “Fresh like the 1st day of school,” OhGeesy wrote. ”U gotta kno I’m finna make a movie today [popcorn emoji].”

The Shoreline rapper went on to honor his deceased friends on his special day. “Ima go up for all my niggas that’s restin in peace today ! I love Yal I miss y’all ! I gotta celebrate this life every chance I get ! Thank you GOD!” This isn’t the first time this year that OhGeesy found himself in trouble. The “Gallery” star was arrested for gun and drug possession in September after attending a friend’s funeral. According to reports, Burbank Police Department stopped OhGeesy and three of his friends, claiming the vehicle’s tags were expired and the tint was too dark.

During the stop and search, police spotted a bottle of codeine sticking out of OhGeesy’s pocket as well as a loaded firearm in the vehicle. One month later, gun and drug charges against the rapper were dropped. Prosecutors declined to move forward with charging OhGeesy for a bottle of codeine they claim was in his pocket.

The California rapper’s attorney released a statement on the case. “As stated previously, we were looking forward to OhGeesy’s day in court. I have an innocent client and the Prosecutor made the right call dismissing the case.” Details on OhGeesy’s wild brawl are still developing. No word on if any one else involved in the melee sustained injuries.