Shaq Shares One Regret Regarding Kobe Bryant

Shaq and Kobe Bryant were one of the greatest basketball duos of all time. From 2000 to 2002, they won three straight NBA titles. They also made it to the Finals back in 2004 but were unable to defeat the Detroit Pistons. Unfortunately, their time as teammates ended on bad terms. Luckily, they were able to rekindle their friendship near the end of Kobe’s life.

Tomorrow, Shaq will be releasing a four-part documentary on HBO which will be about his life and career. This series is going to take a look at his days in Los Angeles, as well as elsewhere. Additionally, there will be some coverage of Kobe. However, Kobe’s family has asked for his parts to be kept to a minimum.

That said, Shaq has a lot of fond memories of Kobe. He also has some regrets as to the kind of friend he was prior to Kobe’s passing. While promoting his documentary with People Magazine, Shaq got open and honest about how he wishes he had picked up the phone a lot more.

“I’ll never get to see Kobe again, in real life, forever. And I just should have called,” Shaq said. “He should have called. We both should have called. …Call your mom. Call your brother. Call the homeboy you used to party with in college. Forever is a long time.”


These kinds of admissions are certainly heartbreaking to hear. Shaq took Kobe’s death very hard, as did everyone who was close to the NBA legend. However, his story is an important one to tell, as it just goes to show that we need to be good friends while we still have time.