Wack 100 Reacts To Harassments From Bobby Shmurda

Regarding his battle with Bobby Shmurda, Wack 100 holds nothing back. During an Instagram Live outburst initially directed towards NBA YoungBoy, Bobby named Wack. The hip hop manager recently responded to the “Hot Boy” rapper’s recent statements on Instagram.

“@itsbobbyshmurda We have somebody to your liking,” Wack captioned a photo of Instagram user and trans model Naughty Nerd Ninja.  “@naughtynerdninja is an open Transgender woman. Very respectful. Come to the [100] show on @clubhouse and you can meet #Naughty. Don’t say I didn’t look out for you. WE KNOW WHAT U LIKE.”

Wack’s post comes on the heels of the Brooklyn rapper brining up Wack during a recent Instagram Live session. “Any n***a I catch, like Wack, any of y’all n***as. Y’all can record this. I’m going to boom them on camera,” Bobby shared. “On camera, live. ‘You on parole.’ I don’t give a f***. I’m going to boom on you n****s on camera. On my dead grandmother, n***a. Next n***a call my name, and n***s who called my name already. Wack, when I catch y’all, on my dead grandmother, I’m gonna boom y’all.”

While Bobby hasn’t responded to Wack’s recent post, he did apologize for his spat with NBA YoungBoy. “I’m just playing. I didn’t do nothing to two people for the year. I was just playing, ok?” Bobby said in a video. “And I was just trying to get some views. Ain’t do nothing to nobody! Just how I be playing on the Instagrams! Please I don’t want no beef @nba_youngboy [crying face emojis].”

As for YoungBoy, he clapped at Bobby’s initial diss before deactivating his Instagram page. “I see why n*ggas irrelevant today. Be trying to make all the sense thinking what they saying real but sounding stupid asf’ Just mind yo businesses. And stop the violence.”