Yung Joc Claims Female Rap Will Decline Next Year

Yung Joc expresses his opinion on the current situation of female rap. The Love & Hip Hop star recently spoke with VladTV about female rappers squabbling online, Latto, Nicki Minaj, and other topics. “Let’s think of colonies,” Joc suggested.

“The colony will do anything and everything for the Queen. Women are celebrated differently. They are held at a higher regard for certain things. Women don’t really want to share. And sometimes they don’t want to share the spotlight.” Joc continued on discussing the current state of female rap.

“It’s already hard for women to find their place anyway. Even now, you got all these female rappers. Let’s give it another 180 days. Let’s give it to this time next year and let’s see if we got this many female rappers that’s buzzing. I bet you it won’t.”

The “It’s Going Down” rapper believes many of the today’s female rappers will phase out or not be as popping next year. “Women are very confrontational. Very bold. [They’re] very forthcoming. Very canny. Like the thing with Latto and Nicki. Nicki is kind of bullyesque. I think Nicki as of late has been a little bullyish. And Latto didn’t back down in the situation.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Joc shared his thoughts on DaBaby’s career and decline in music sales. “One of the last things that [DaBaby] did that possibly ticked off his fanbase – the women in this culture – is out the blue saying he f*** Meg Thee Stallion.”  Joc added, “You always gotta remember, man, that like being in a position of being an entertainer, if you’re fan base is more women, when it starts looking like you’re a womanizer and you don’t care about women or you’ll go against them women… that s***’s gonna stick with them.”

Check out Yung Joc’s full interview below.